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A sustainable and successful bioeconomy

By 2025, Finland will have become a bioeconomy model country. Finland’s forests are its green gold – renewable raw material that can be turned into many bioeconomy products. Products that are recyclable and that tackle climate change, and that have billions of users every day. New technologies in the forest bio-economy are strongly rooted in Finnish cleantech expertise.

The bioeconomy spawns new companies and jobs in the forest industry and numerous other sectors. New products and value-added solutions – entirely new business models – are developed. Natural resources are used intelligently and sustainably all the while saving resources.

Informed consumers want to make a difference with their choices. They favour products made from renewable raw materials and understand their significance in fighting climate change and in conserving resources.

The lines between sectors have become blurred. Corporate ecosystems, where growth-seeking SMEs supplement the forest industry’s value chain, have evolved around major companies.

The forest industry and companies that operate in its value chain process products and manufacture raw materials for further processing. Society offers a development environment that speeds up the sector’s transformation.

The forest industry creates Finnish wellbeing with wood-based solutions, by investing and employing. The bioeconomy takes sustainable development from Finland’s forests to other countries in the world, as Finland and its forest industry have made wise decisions: