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Evolving forest industry - prosperous bio-economy

A year ago, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation started to work on defining a vision for the sector, a vision that extends until 2025. The vision was developed together with companies in the sector as well as a broad group of stakeholders during the course of 2014 and it was unveiled on 19 November 2014.


“Evolving forest industry – prosperous bio-economy” speaks of the forest industry’s confidence and its courage to invest in innovation and in the future; of Finland’s expertise in processing a renewable raw material that can be turned into various bioeconomy products; and of products that are renewable as well as recyclable and that tackle climate change – products that offer sustainable solutions to global challenges. For years the forest industry has defined itself as a forerunner in the bioeconomy. But it is not enough to be a trendsetter in the bioeconomy. The bioeconomy must bring success, growth, and wellbeing.