Working group on globalization in the paper industry to start its work

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A joint working group on globalization representing employers and workers in the Finnish paper industry has started its work today. The working group is chaired by Permanent Secretary Raimo Sailas of the Ministry of Finance. The collective agreement that was signed on 1 July 2005 called for the start of a dialogue on globalization. The working group is expected to complete its task by the end of May 2006.

Within the framework of the globalization dialogue information will be produced concerning changes in the paper industry’s operating environment as a result of globalization. The parties will also study possibilities to promote employment, productivity, effective local solutions and good practices in the paper industry.

Social partners and customers represented

The Paper Workers’ Union will be represented in the working group by President Jouko Ahonen, General Secretary Petri Vanhala and Secretary Sauli Kovanen, Economist Esa Mäisti together with Ilkka Nokelainen, Raimo Viljanen and Jari Heikkilä who are Executive members of Paper Workers’ Union.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation will be represented by its Chairman, Senior Executive Vice President Pekka Laaksonen of Stora Enso up to the end of 2005 and President Jussi Pesonen of UPM from the beginning of 2006, and by its Deputy Chairmen, President Kari Jordan of the Metsäliitto Group and from the beginning of 2006 Senior Executive Vice President Kai Korhonen of Stora Enso. The working group will also include the Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s President, Timo Poranen up to the end of 2005 and Anne Brunila from the beginning of 2006, as well as Arto Tähtinen, who is in charge of Labour Market Policy at Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Lauri Ihalainen, the President of the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions, and Leif Fagernäs, the Director General of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, will also participate in the paper industry globalization work. Customers’ representatives will likewise be invited to present their views as needed.

Information work to be directed by Pekka Ylä-Anttila of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

Information concerning globalization will be produced by a special working group chaired by Research Director Pekka Ylä-Anttila of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA). Economist Esa Mäisti and Collective Agreement Officer Juhani Siira will represent the Paper Workers’ Union. Chief Economist Esa-Jukka Käär, Counsellor Matti Somervuori and Counsellor Juha Sutela will represent the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Experts from central organizations and research institutes will be invited to participate in the information working group as needed. The working group will study particular issues in a smaller composition.

Legal Counsellor Juha Koivisto of the Paper Workers’ Union and Helena Aatinen, head of communications of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation will serve as secretaries of the steering group. Juha Koivisto will also serve as secretary of the information working group along with Päivi Luoma, Manager at EU issues of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Additional information:

Arto Tähtinen                                              
SVP, Labour Market Policy 
Finnish Forest Industries Federation
tel. +358 9 132 4442                           

Jouko Ahonen
Finnish Paper Workers’ Union
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