Timber sales subdued in February

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The volume of purchases in January-February was 1.7 million cubic metres, down 23% from the corresponding period of 2010. Log purchases reduced by one-third and pulpwood procurements by 17% from January-February 2010.
Stumpage prices up  
Log stumpage prices increased 2–3% from January. The stumpage prices of pine and birch pulpwood rose 1–2% and spruce pulpwood was up 3%. 
The average stumpage price of pine and spruce logs was €52–53 per cubic metre. Small-diameter pine logs cost €23 and small-diameter spruce logs €27 per cubic metre. On average, spruce logs fetched €40, pine and birch pulpwood €15 and spruce pulpwood €18 per cubic metre. 
Buyers looking for all types of wood 
This winter has been favourable for timber harvesting, and harvesters have been able to access sites that can only be felled when the ground is frozen. There is demand for new felling sites, which can be harvested in spring and summer. Logs, pulpwood and energy wood are all in demand. 
Signs of recovery in sawn timber exports to North Africa
Last year, North African countries accounted for 25% of Finland’s sawn timber exports. Recent political upheavals have hampered exports to Egypt in particular. The cessation in deliveries is expected to be a temporary disturbance, as there is great need for continued construction in the countries of the region. Signs of a pick-up in export activity have accordingly been identified.
Good management of forest assets calls for correct timing of felling and forestry measures
The timely implementation of necessary measures has a substantial impact on the profitability of forestry. When performed at appropriate intervals, thinning promotes the growth of trees that are left standing and thus increases forest yields. Regeneration felling should be carried out when standing trees no longer grow because the value of the stand cannot increase substantially after this. 

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