Timber sales stable in October

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The forest industry purchased 2.9 million cubic metres of wood from private forest owners in October. The amount matched the September procurement volume. The January-October aggregate purchase volume stood at 20.7 million cubic metres, with pulpwood accounting for 11.5 and sawlogs for 8.4 million cubic metres.

Stable timber sales expected to continue for the rest of the year

The industry needs domestic wood and timber sales are accordingly expected to proceed at a stable pace for the remainder of the year. All timber grades are in good demand. The exceptionally warm weather of this autumn has boosted demand especially for sites that can be harvested also when the ground is unfrozen. Demand for winter harvesting sites may vary regionally.

Prices level with September

Sawlog stumpage prices remained high when compared to September and long-term averages. The average stumpage price of pine sawlogs was €55 per cubic metre and spruce sawlogs cost €56 per cubic metre. Birch sawlogs fetched €42 per cubic metre on average. 

Pulpwood prices decreased 1-3% from September. The average price of pine pulpwood was €16 per cubic metre and birch pulpwood cost €15 per cubic metre. Spruce pulpwood fetched €19 per cubic metre on average. 

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