Timber sales liven up in May

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Even though the timber market has livened up somewhat overall, the sales figures realised over the course of 2010 lag substantially behind the long-term average. Over a million cubic metres of wood would have to be purchased from private forest in each remaining week of the year in order for this average to be reached in 2010.

Log shortages a problem for sawmills

The forest industry is in need of all timber grades and is interested in all types of felling sites. Purchased volume of pulpwood was 3.7 million m3 and logs 2.6 million m3 in January-May.

There are shortages of logs in some locations at the moment. Sawmills have had to limit their activities because of the weak raw material situation.

Timber prices up slightly 

Pine log stumpage prices were up 2%, spruce logs 3% and birch logs 1%. The average stumpage price of pine logs was €53 per cubic metre, while spruce logs fetched €54 per cubic metre. The average price of birch logs was €39 per cubic metre. 

Pulpwood stumpage prices rose 2%. Pine and birch pulpwood fetched €15 per cubic metre on average and spruce pulpwood €18 per cubic metre.

Lively timber sales good for many different parties

A steady flow of competitively-priced timber from forests to production facilities is a fundamental prerequisite for wood processing as well as for the entire forest industry’s generation of value added. The activation of the timber markets also creates employment for forestry entrepreneurs. It is also benefiting bioenergy producers, as more fuel for the generation of forest energy becomes available.

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