Timber sales livelier in April

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Sales of forest industry products have started to recover and this had lead to increased demand for timber. January-April log purchase volumes have grown by 95% and pulpwood purchase volumes by 83% from the corresponding period of 2009. Spruce log purchase volumes doubled.

As demand for end products recovers, better prices have also been paid for timber. Softwood stumpage prices increased by 4% from March, while birch log prices were up 3%. Pine log stumpage prices were €51 per cubic metre on average and spruce logs cost €52 per cubic metre. Buyers paid €38 for a cubic metre of birch log on average.

Pine pulpwood prices rose 4% to €15 per cubic metre. Spruce and birch pulpwood prices were up 1-2% to €18 and €14 per cubic metre, respectively.

The forest industry needs to procure more timber of all grades and is interested in every available logging site as good demand for end products continues. Timber supply has also picked up, so the ingredients for lively roundwood sales are all in place. The industry is not yet able to purchase sufficient quantities of timber in some places, even though the situation in the timber market has improved on average.

Livelier timber sales will also lead to more energy wood coming onto the market. The most cost-effective way to increase the energy utilisation of forest biomass is to mobilise more wood out of the forests and into processing. A substantial portion of Finland’s sustainable felling potential is left untapped each year.

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