Timber sales in January-June 2013: Timber sales activity high

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Timber sales got off to a lively start at the beginning of 2013 and positive activity continued also in the second quarter of the year. Wood procurements were up 8% from the corresponding period of 2012.  Wood prices were high when compared to the prices fetched by forest industry products.

January-June wood procurements came to a total of 16.2 million cubic metres, with sawlog purchases accounting for 7.3 million and pulpwood for 8.3 million cubic metres.
Rise in stumpage prices halts in June

The rise in stumpage prices that commenced in the spring came to a halt in June. The price of wood remains high relative to the prices fetched by end products. High timber prices add to the forest industry’s cost burden and weaken its competitiveness in the international markets.

In June, the average price of pine and spruce sawlogs was €56-57 per cubic metre, fluctuating regionally and according to felling method between €40 and €59 per cubic metre. The average price of birch sawlogs was €42 per cubic metre and fluctuated correspondingly between €31 and €45. The average price of pulpwood was €16-18 per cubic metre and fluctuated between €12 and €20.

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