Timber sales activity normal in November

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Demand for timber is normal for this time of year. Demand for various timber grades varies in different areas as well as according to the needs of the purchasing company.

The aggregate purchase volume for January-November, 30.1 million cubic metres, was almost triple the amount procured during the corresponding period of 2009. January-November purchases of pulpwood amounted to 16 million cubic metres and log procurements to 13 million cubic metres.

Stumpage prices remained unchanged from October

November stumpage prices were almost unchanged from October. The average stumpage price was €54 per cubic metre for pine logs and €55 for spruce logs. Birch logs fetched €40 per cubic metre on average. The average stumpage price of pine and birch pulpwood was €16 per cubic metre, while spruce pulpwood fetched on average €19 per cubic metre. 

The average price of softwood logs was €56 per cubic metre on regeneration felling sites, while the price was €48 per cubic metre on thinning locations. A cubic metre of pine and birch pulpwood fetched €18 on regeneration sites, €15 on thinning sites and €12-13 on first-thinning sites. The corresponding prices for spruce pulpwood were €21, €17 and €13 per cubic metre.

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