The forest industry in January-September 2014: Forest industry production volumes nearly unchanged, exports at last year’s level

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In January-September, forest industry pulp and graphic paper production volumes fell slightly compared to the corresponding period in 2013. Wood products and plywood production increased. Paperboard production remained unchanged compared to the previous year. 

In January-August, forest industry exports, including furniture, amounted to EUR 7.5 billion. This corresponds to the figures seen in 2013.

The forest industry is planning investments worth approximately EUR 1.5 billion in Finland, and they are expected to increase timber use by about 10 million cubic metres a year.

“The economic outlook in Finland and across Europe continues to be weak and there are no signs of a significant improvement in demand in our main markets. Despite the weak economic situation, the forest industry has confidence in the future, as its substantial investment projects in Finland suggest,” says Timo Jaatinen, President of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

“The investments must be secured with efficient timber markets and logistics, as much greater volumes of wood will be needed. Our competitiveness must also be enhanced with long-term energy solutions that support industry as well as added productivity and flexibility in the labour markets,” says Timo Jaatinen.

The paper industry’s situation continued to be challenging, pulp and paperboard production declined a little

A drop in paper consumption, graphic paper in particular, reduced paper industry output in January-September 2014. A total of about 4.6 million tonnes of graphic printing and writing paper were manufactured in the first nine months of the year, which is about 4 per cent less than in the year ago period. Graphic paper grades account for approximately 60 per cent of Finland’s paper production.

Paperboard production in January-September 2014 amounted to almost 2.2 million tonnes. Paperboard production volumes remained unchanged compared to the corresponding period in 2013.

Pulp production in Finland in January-September totalled about 5.2 million tonnes, which represents a drop of 2 per cent compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Sawmill and plywood industry production grew slightly

In January-September, wood products production increased 7 per cent compared to the year ago period and amounted to almost 8.2 million cubic metres. Plywood production increased 7 per cent and amounted to just over 850,000 cubic metres.

Timber trade continued to be steady, no major changes in stumpage prices

The timber trade continued steadily after the summer holiday season. In the first nine months of the year, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s member companies bought 23.1 million cubic metres of wood from private forests, which is 1 per cent more than in the corresponding period in 2013. Log procurement amounted to 10.4 million cubic metres and pulpwood to 11.9 million cubic metres.

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