Sustainable use opportunities of Finnish forests continue to increase

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The 10th national forest inventory indicates that the aggregate volume of timber in the woods of Finland has increased to 2.2 billion cubic metres. Annual forest growth has accelerated to about 100 million cubic metres per year. Investments into forest improvement work and timber production over the last few decades are now yielding results and the activities.


Finland’s forest resources could sustain a 25% felling increase from the current level. The development of future felling opportunities presupposes that forestry measures are performed appropriately. 


Efficient utilisation of forest resource data creates a competitive advantage


A revision to legislation concerning the collection of forest resource data by forestry centres and the utilisation of this information is currently being prepared in Finland. It is important that more effective forest resource data utilisation practices are also promoted in conjunction with this work – this is a key object of sustainable forest policy as well.


The forest industry needs domestic timber


The forest industry of Finland has good fundamental opportunities for coming through the global economic slowdown a winner. Finnish forest industry has strong and diverse expertise, state-of-the-art technological competence as well as the most modern production capacity. Constantly growing forest resources also provide a good point of departure towards the challenges of the future.


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Jouni Väkevä, Senior Adviser (Forestry), Finnish Forest Industries Federation, jouni.vakeva (a), tel. +358 40 530 7164