Strike of professional and managerial paper industry employees is unnecessary

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Some 15 percent of the professional and managerial employees of the paper industry are participating in the strike.

“On the company level, professional and managerial employees are in consensus with the employer side about how their terms and conditions of employment should be developed. This strike is completely unnecessary and there is no reason for it to commence,” says Executive Vice President Jari Forss, who is in charge of collective bargaining issues at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Discussions concerning the development of the terms of employment with representatives of professional and managerial employees have progressed well at several companies and have already led, or are about to lead, to the adoption of new, company-specific operating models. Employees and employers are both in agreement about the need to develop operating practices within companies.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is strongly committed to promoting company-specific development efforts in cooperation with YTN and is prepared to increase the pay of all professional and managerial employees with an agreement that matches those concluded with the forest-based sector’s other personnel groups.

Strike will not affect production

The strike will probably have no impact on the industry’s production operations, as the Finnish Forest Industries Federation expects that only a small share of professional and managerial employees will take part in this labour action. The forest industry exports over 90% of its production, so the strike will have an adverse impact on its reputation for being a reliable supplier.

In 2009, the forest-based sector employed more than 3,500 professional and managerial employees, some 3,000 of whom worked in the paper industry or in forestry.

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Jari Forss, Executive Vice President, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 4440 or +358 40 570 7652