Storms boost August timber sales

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Storm damages were very much localised, however, and they will not have a substantial impact when viewed against the industry’s annual wood consumption.

The aggregate purchase volume for January-August, 16.8 million cubic metres, more than quadrupled from the corresponding period of 2009 and started to approach the long-term average. Pulpwood purchases came to 8.9 million cubic metres and log procurements to 7.4 million cubic metres in January-August.

No great changes to stumpage prices

Stumpage prices decreased slightly from July, with log prices down 4-5%. The average stumpage price of pine logs was €54 per cubic metre and spruce logs cost €55 per cubic metre. Birch logs fetched €39 per cubic metre on average. Pulpwood prices were down 1-4%. The average price of pine and birch pulpwood was €15 per cubic metre, while a cubic metre of spruce pulpwood was priced at €18 on average.

High demand for domestic wood

Demand for forest industry products strengthened and this spurred production growth in the second quarter to almost pre-recession levels. This has affected the timber markets as well. Timber sales are now very lively and there’s demand for all kinds of timber

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