Publishing price data broken down by felling type will promote timber sales

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More detailed price information will improve the transparency of the timber market and ease the decision-making of both buyers and sellers.

Releasing price information based on the average stumpage price of all standing sales has become outdated. The publication of approximate information has fuelled uncertainty in the markets and does not help strengthen confidence in the functionality of the timber market.

In future, forest owners can avail of price information, which is broken down in more detail according to region as well as felling type, with separate info on first thinning, other thinning and regeneration felling prices. Price data on small logs will also be reported separately. This will provide a more detailed picture about the prices of timber grades, which are suitable for different uses.

The stumpage prices of each felling type will be published broken down separately by timber grade and geographical pricing region. The average stumpage prices will also be compiled and reported as before in order to facilitate long-term comparisons of timber sales statistics.   

Finland leads the way in the compilation of timber sales statistics

The timber price information published in Finland is unique globally. No other country compiles weekly statistics of timber prices. Sweden, for example, publishes comprehensive price information on timber sales once a year.

The timber purchases of Finnish Forest Industries Federation member companies account for some 84% of timber sales from private forests on average. Regionally, this figure varies between 77% and 96%. Although the great majority of timber buyers are already included in our statistics, it is very important that the rest are also added in order to improve the regional coverage of data.

The gathering of more detailed data commenced at the beginning of October. Reports on our statistics will be presented in the new manner as of the beginning of November. The buyers of timber submit their information to the Finnish Forest Research Institute, which is responsible for compiling Finland’s official forest statistics.

Statistical graphs covering the whole of Finland are at the disposal of all users and can be accessed via the Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s online statistics service: 

Timber sales statistics

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Anu Islander, Senior Advisor (Forestry), Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6678, +358 40 729 3678

Background information for journalists

Finland is the world’s sixth-largest producer of pulp, paper and paperboard in addition to being one of the largest manufacturers of sawn timber in Europe.

The forest-based sector directly and indirectly employs almost 200,000 Finns. The multiplier effects of its activities touch on a broad section of surrounding society and its economic footprint affects up to 500,000 people in our country. Finland’s abundant timber resources, sustainable forestry practices and state-of-the-art expertise in the forest industry provide our country with a unique opportunity to lead the way into the bioeconomy of the future.