Pro continuing to paralyse negotiations with its unlawful industrial actions

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“Pro’s unlawful sympathy strike is putting increased pressure on companies to relocate their support functions to countries with more stable operating environments,” says Jari Forss, Deputy Director General of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.   

“Pro’s industrial actions are in no way proportionate to the topics of dispute. We remain prepared to offer a 2.5% pay rise – exactly the same amount as was agreed to earlier this spring with the paper industry’s other personnel groups. We likewise remain open to cooperation in the development of company-specific pay systems.” 

Pro making recurrent threats of unlawful industrial action

Pro staged several unlawful industrial actions in April and it has threatened to continue its disregard for the law. The latest development came on 4 May, when Pro launched an unlawful three-day strike that affects salaried UPM employees.

On Easter, Pro announced that it was moving the Stora Enso and Metsäliitto strike one day forward. Towards the end of April, Pro urged Stora Enso’s and Efora’s Oulu-based salaried employees as well as salaried employees working at Stora Enso’s  Kotka and Anjala service centres to participate in a lawless industrial action. Pro violated Finnish legislation right at the start of this labour dispute, when it declared an overtime ban during the collective bargaining agreement’s period of validity.

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Jari Forss, Deputy Director General, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 4440, +358 40 570 7652

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