Parties reached an agreement in the labour market dispute

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The Collective Agreement Advisory Boards of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) and the Finnish Paperworkers’ Union have reached an agreement on the paper workers’ collective labour agreement today on 29th June, 2005. Both Advisory Boards approved the proposal which was negotiated on the basis of the National Conciliator’s second proposal for a settlement in the labour market dispute. The agreement is subject to approval by the Executive Committee of FFIF and the National Council of the Paperworkers’ Union. The agreement will be applied to about 24,000 paper workers.

"The three year agreement, terminating at the end of May 2008, offers good opportunities to renew the ways to operate in the pulp and paper industry. It will also strengthen the industry competitiveness in the rapidly changing operating environment. From the competitiveness point of view, we made progress in key questions, and in that respect the last few weeks can be seen as an investment in the future. Although the cost pressures remain the same in the global competition, we will now be able to reduce slightly the competitors’ lead," says Mr. Timo Poranen, President of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

The proposed salary and wage increases are in line with the general incomes policy settlement.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Timo Poranen, President, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6600
Mr. Arto Tähtinen, Senior Vice President, Labour Market Policy, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 4442.