New logo for the Finnish Forest Industries Federation

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Logo will be displayed alongside the name of the Federation which will not change.

The new round logo includes references to existing and new products as well as to current and new, emerging markets. The drop-like shape in the middle represents renewable energy, the production of which is already a significant part of the forest industry. The green colours of growth that were selected for the emblem and title logo refer to the industry’s constantly regenerating raw material.

The logo has been taken into use on our updated website. The logo’s green colour has already been a part of our visual appearance for about the past year.

The new logo was designed by graphic artist Kai Kujasalo, who is a long-term cooperation partner of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Our previous emblem, which was based on a spruce motif, was designed by Kyösti Varis in 1981. Before that, the Federation did not use an emblem alongside its title.

Further information:

Helena Aatinen, Senior Vice President (Communications), Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 (0)9 132 66 45