Negotiations between the Finnish Forest Industries Federation and the Finnish Paper Workers’ Union have reached a conclusion – the paper industry’s collective agreement (Blue Collar) will be amended

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Negotiations on the paper industry’s collective agreement have reached the conclusion that will give more possibilities for local bargaining. The conclusion includes amendments to the collective agreement in the paper industry. The new collective agreement’s entry into force is subject to approval by the administrative bodies of the negotiating parties.

The outcome of the negotiations makes it possible to use subcontracted labour for activities such as cleaning and security services. Pursuant to local agreements, subcontracted labour can also be used for warehousing as well as loading and unloading. This will help companies improve their productivity.

The compensation for operating plants during the downtime scheduled for Christmas and Midsummer and the related accrual of shift holidays will be made more reasonable by a provision that will be applied to certain plants and production lines. This will enable companies to increase production and provide more work at production plants that have previously been shut down during Christmas or Midsummer due to high costs.

“It’s good that we reached a conclusion in our negotiations. The changes to the collective agreement will enable the companies to improve productivity through agreeing on the terms of employment locally. Effective local agreements require trust, and the new collective agreement provides a foundation for that trust. Continuously developing the collective agreement to support success against international competition is a shared goal for the negotiating parties,” says Nina Pärssinen, Labour Market Director at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

The term of the agreement is from 10 November 2017 to 30 November 2019. The term of the agreement is 26 months, calculated from the end date of the term of the previous agreement (30 September 2017). The annual cost effect during the term of the agreement is approximately 1.5 per cent. The locally distributed component represents 60 per cent of the total increases.

For further information, please contact: Nina Pärssinen, Labour Market Director, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 40 503 2353