Metsäliitto Group’s Joni Lukkaroinen elected Chairman of the European Federation of the Plywood Industry

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Lukkaroinen is the head of the Metsäliitto Group’s Finnforest plywood business line.


Uldis Bikis of Latvia, Enrico Bonzano of Italy, Thierry Joubart of France, Guillermo Hernenz of Spain and Andrey Kasbunsky of Russia were elected deputy chairmen. 

Finland is the largest plywood-producing country in Europe


The European Federation of the Plywood Industry FEIC represents plywood manufacturers from around Europe. Finland is Europe’s largest producer of plywood products. According to 2007 statistics, Finland is the world’s 10th largest producer, and 6th in the exporting of plywood.

Europe’s biggest plywood consumers are the UK, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. The majority of wood-based panel products that are produced inside the EU are also consumed within the Union.