July-September overview: Forest industry production continues to grow in Finland

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The Finnish Forest Industries Federation estimates that the value of domestic production in January-September was around €14 billion, about a quarter more than one year ago.

“Output of forest industry products continued to grow in the third quarter. The growth figures are indicators of improved demand, but the period of 2009 being compared to was unprecedentedly weak as well,” Timo Jaatinen, Director General of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, points out.

“Forest industry companies have already done lots to improve their profitability. Costs have been cut, structures trimmed and unprofitable capacity shut down. The effort to improve profitability will continue, but the strengthening of Finnish competitiveness will in future very much depend on matters related to the domestic operating environment.”

“The industry exports almost all of its production, and international competition determines prices on export markets. The cost burden of Finland’s export sector will, however, continue to grow next year when gradual increases to energy and waste taxes start to take effect. The labour costs shouldered by the forest industry will also become heavier because companies pay a substantial portion of the wages of other industrial sectors through their extensive purchases of production inputs. The collective labour agreements negotiated within the forest-based sector have been very moderate, for which the employee side is also to thank,” Jaatinen says.

July-September overview

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