Juha Vanhainen named Chairman of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation

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Metsä-Botnia President & CEO Ilkka Hämälä and UPM-Kymmene Executive Vice President Hans Sohlström were appointed vice chairmen.

The Executive Committee also consists of Managing Director Pekka Kopra (Versowood Oy), Managing Director Olli Poutanen (ER-Saha Oy), Managing Director Sari Rämö
(SCA Packaging Finland Oy) and CEO Jouko Virranniemi (Pölkky Oy), all of whom are old members.

Representatives of 29 member companies were elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation in 2012. Metsä-Botnia President & CEO Ilkka Hämälä and Finndomo Oy CEO Tapio Pitkänen are the only new members.

“Finland has excellent competence and modern factories, but we cannot build out future on these factors alone. The industry needs new products and innovation as the consumption of paper is decreasing in our traditional markets. A cost-effective logistics chain is needed to enable success in international competition. From the customers’ point of view flexible and undisturbed labour market is crucial,” the newly appointed Finnish Forest Industries Federation Chairman Juha Vanhainen says. 
The autumn meeting of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation was held in Helsinki on Friday 25 November 2011.

The Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation consists of the following members in 2012:

Managing Director Jussi Aine  Puustelli Group Oy
President & CEO Peter Hutton Jujo Thermal Oy
CEO Arto Huurinainen Tornator Oy
President & CEO Ilkka Hämälä Oy Metsä-Botnia Ab
President & CEO Kari Jordan  Metsäliitto-konserni
CEO Lauri Junnila Pankaboard Oy
Member of Board of Directors Kari Kalliala Mondi Lohja Oy
Managing Director Kalle Kantola Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy
Managing Director Esa Karru  Adara Pakkaus Oy
CEO Jouko Karvinen Stora Enso Oyj
CEO Pekka Kauranen Harvestia Oy
Managing Director Pekka Kopra Versowood Oy
CEO Juha Koukka Savon Sellu Oy
General Manager Juha Kuusisto Veljet Kuusisto Oy
Managing Director Jyri Nenonen Kinnaskoski Oy
Executive Vice President Kari Nikkanen Olavi Räsänen Oy
President & CEO Jussi Pesonen UPM-Kymmene Oyj
CEO Tapio Pitkänen Finndomo Oy
Managing Director Olli Poutanen ER-Saha Oy
Managing Director Kyösti Pöyry Paperinkeräys Oy
President & CEO Esa Rautalinko Honkarakenne Oyj
Managing Director Sari Rämö  SCA Packaging Finland Oy
Chairman of the Board Pekka Sairanen Puusepänteollisuus ry
Mill Director Martti Savelainen Sappi Finland I Oy
Executive Vice President Hans Sohlström  UPM-Kymmene Oyj
President Tuija Suur-Hamari Kotkamills Oy
Country Manager Juha Vanhainen Stora Enso Oyj
CEO Jouko Virranniemi Pölkky Oy
CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny Vapo Oy