Industrial action by the Transport Workers Union – a threat to the exports of the forest industry

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Disruptions and threats of action weaken customers’ confidence in the delivery ability of Finnish forest industry and make it harder for domestic production facilities to succeed in international competition.

“The demands of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) are not connected with the realities of today. They are at complete odds with what we have agreed to with other, responsible trade unions in the export sector and the actions of the TWU are endangering the jobs of forest industry employees," says Executive Vice President Jari Forss, who is in charge of labour market issues at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

"These actions affect not only the port operators but also the entire export sector, harming all of Finnish society as our country pulls through the economic downturn,” Forss points out.

"The forest industry of Finland, which has undergone a trying structural change, is well-poised to succeed as the economy recovers thanks to the measures it has already implemented. It is unwise to erode opportunities for success by hampering export deliveries."

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