Forest industry production in Finland, January-September 2009 – contraction slows down

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The value of forest industry production was about €3.9 billion in the third quarter. The value of production in January-September 2009 was a little under €11 billion. 

Fall in production of paper and paperboard slows down in July-September

Some 2.8 million tonnes of paper and paperboard were produced in Finland in the third quarter; this represents a fall of 17% from the corresponding period of 2008. The contraction in production volumes has slowed down from the first half of this year.

Production of wood-based printing papers, which are most usually used in the printing of magazines, fell by about a quarter. Production of fine papers, other paper grades and paperboard decreased by about 10%.

A total of 7.8 million tonnes of paper and paperboard were produced in Finland in January-September, i.e. a quarter less than in the corresponding period of 2008, while some 1.3 million tonnes of pulp were produced in July-September, which is 28% less than one year earlier.

The value of the pulp and paper industry’s third-quarter production is estimated to have been almost €3 billion.

Contraction slowing down also in sawn timber segment

Less sawn timber was produced in July-September than in the other quarters, which can be explained with normal seasonal fluctuations. Production fell by a fifth from the corresponding period of the previous year to about 1.7 million cubic metres; the rate of contraction was somewhat slower than in the early part of the year.

5.4 million cubic metres of sawn timber were produced in January-September, which represents a fall of 28% from the corresponding period of 2008.

Plywood production contracted by a third in July-September and the January-September aggregate production figure was down 45% from 2008.

The value of the wood products industry’s third-quarter production was about €900 million.