Forest industry contribution of high-quality timber supporting technical education at comprehensive schools

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The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is donating a 100 euro gift voucher to one hundred comprehensive schools that can be used to buy high-quality timber products for educational use. 

The industry wants to acknowledge the efforts of technical educators at our comprehensive schools and Finland’s well-functioning education system. Investing in teaching young people about the properties and many uses of wood, a renewable resource, adds knowledge capital that will be valuable for Finland. Skilled, enthusiastic young hands will be essential when this renewable material is being processed into both traditional and modern products in the future.      

Feedback from schools reveals that this contribution to their technical workshops is necessary:

“It feels good for us to be remembered by the forest industry, which forms the backbone of our country’s economy.”

“It is excellent that the forest industry wishes to cooperate with schools in this novel way. A wealth of information and material on the industry and the utilisation, management and conservation of forests has also been passed to schools over the years.”     

“A nice Christmas present for our school!”

“Wonderful! Have a Wooden Winter and a Merry Christmas!”

“This gift voucher enables our small special school, which typically has to spend its funds on special books and expensive teaching equipment, to buy high-quality materials.”

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation and the Foundation for Teaching, Education and Personal Development announced the possibility for applying for a gift voucher in the teachers’ magazine in November. Over a thousand contacts were made by enthusiastic schools all around Finland. 

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation wishes a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year to schoolchildren and their teachers!

Additional information:

Ahti Fagerblom, Counsellor, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6667,