Finnish Wood Research Ltd to spur research in the wood products industry

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Shared research activities have already been launched while the search is on for a managing director for this new organisation.


The mission of Finnish Wood Research Ltd is the initiation of research and innovation programmes, the channelling of research funding for chosen areas of emphasis as well as international research cooperation within the wood products industry.


The common research strategy published by the wood products industry in autumn 2008 will serve as a foundation for Finnish Wood Research Ltd’s efforts to establish a broader basis of innovative competence that will support the renewal of the wood products cluster and provide support for the generation of new, robust business activities for the industry in Finland. The organisation is actively looking for new partners both from within the industry as well as from actors closely associated with the wood products industry.


The wood products cluster has defined the following areas as the focal points of its shared innovation activities and as potential sources of new development opportunities:


1. The environmental performance of wood

2. Wood construction and the energy-efficiency of building

3. The opportunities of bioenergy and bio-based chemicals

4. Business innovations, new products and services  

5. Production technologies of the future

6. Research in support of standardisation


In addition to its domestic research activities, Finnish Wood Research Ltd will pool Finland’s shared resources and bring together different views, promoting their realisation in international research cooperation. Its international cooperation partners include, for example, the European woodworking industry federation CEI-Bois, the Forest Based Technology Platform and the Building with Wood cooperation programme.


The aim of this international cooperation is to boost the position of the Finnish wood products cluster as a pioneer in its field as well as to promote the utilisation of wood products. International cooperation in research that supports standardisation will hopefully lead to more widespread bulk customisation of wooden building components as well as to improved specialisation and further processing opportunities.


“Wood products that serve the needs of customers and consumers together with the services associated with these products provide unprecedented opportunities for the Finnish wood products cluster at a time when the operating environment for wood products companies is undergoing powerful changes. Boosting and refocusing research and innovation activities and promoting cooperation between industry companies is one way to respond to the challenges of the operating environment, and this will speed up the renewal of the industry,” says Matti Mikkola, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finnish Wood Research Ltd. 


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Matti Mikkola, Senior Vice President (Business Development), Stora Enso Timber, tel. +358 40 829 4026