Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s Pertti Laine appointed CEO of Muutostieto Oy

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Mr. Pertti Laine, Senior Vice President, Business Environment and Innovations unit at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, is transferring to Muutostieto Oy. Mr. Laine will start as CEO of the company as of 1 March 2008. Mr. Laine joined the Finnish Forest Industries Federation in 1984. Since 1992, he has held executive positions at the Federation, dealing with the industrial, energy, environment and innovation policies of the forest sector.

Muutostieto Oy is a new management and public administration consultancy that specialises in issues associated with the effects of climate policy, changes in the energy sector, forest cluster business operations as well as innovation and technology competence. Muutostieto Oy acts in cooperation with Eera Finland Oy, a management consultancy, and shares premises with it in the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki, Finland.

“Working in key positions at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation provided an excellent vantage point. Now I’ll have the opportunity to apply my accumulated expertise to new challenging projects, helping companies and other organisations shape their business operations and structures,” Pertti Laine says.

“Pertti Laine has made a considerable input to the forest industry’s lobbying efforts. His extensive expertise in the sector’s national and international issues has helped create a strong foundation on which to develop our activities, especially with regard to energy and climate policy,” says Anne Brunila, President & CEO of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.