Finnish Forest Industries Federation Senior VP Stefan Sundman at the Saimaa Summit: The forest industry can provide a diverse set of climate solutions – if we allow it to

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"Favourable political decisions and a long-tem approach to energy and climate policy would provide a substantial boost for our development into a leading bioeconomy. The forest industry has the competence as well as the functioning infrastructure and logistics solutions needed for the cost-effective utilisation of
biomass. In addition to wood and paper products, sophisticated next-generation biofuels, bioplastics and biochemicals can promote sustainable production and consumption in the future,” said Stefan Sundman, Finnish Forest Industries Federation Senior VP in charge of energy and environment issues, at the Saimaa Summit in Savonlinna today. He spoke at a seminar, which focused on energetic future responses to the needs of the environment. 

Energy policy must be long-term and predictable

The manufacture of new forest industry products requires that sufficient quantities of energy are available at a competitive price also in the future. Biorefineries and the industry’s other investments will not come to Finland if all cost factors, taxation and the steering mechanisms of energy policy are not adjusted to a competitive level.  

Towards a low-carbon bioeconomy

The forest industry of Finland is our country’s biggest producer of renewable energy and it primarily consumes low-emission electricity and emits little carbon dioxide relative to its production volumes. The Finnish forest industry supplies 150 million people with wood and paper products, in addition to which it generates 70% of Finland’s renewable energy as part of its manufacturing processes.

About 80% of the electricity used by the forest industry is free of carbon dioxide emissions. The industry satisfies about 40% of its electricity need with its own factory power plants, which are primarily fuelled with wood. The majority of purchased electricity is produced at low-emission hydropower or nuclear plants.

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