Finnish Forest Industries Federation renews its organisation

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"We are also clarifying the division of responsibilities and preparing for coming pension transitions in conjunction with this reorganisation," continues Mr. Jaatinen.

The operations of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation will be divided into four sectors as of the beginning of October. The divisions are named Labour Market, Forests and Environment, Energy and Infrastructure, and Business Environment and Innovation. The communications and administration services units will provide support functions for these divisions. 


Labour Market: the activities of this sector are divided into collective bargaining work in forestry and the paper and wood products industries. The division will also handle occupational wellbeing issues and development of employee competence in the forest-based sector.


Forests and Environment: this sector will represent the industry’s interests with regard to sustainable forestry, environmental issues and trade policy.


Energy and Infrastructure: this sector will focus on energy and climate issues, logistics and competition policy.


Representing the interests of the forest industry with respect to matters that deal with the EU and Russia requires the crossing of sectoral boundaries. The people responsible for these tasks belong organisationally either to the Forests and Environment or the Energy and Infrastructure sectors.


Business Environment and Innovation: this sector deals with information services, competitiveness, research and innovation as well as issues related to the different branches of the forest industry. Three segments – Paper, paperboard and processed goods, Wood products and New businesses – will be formed within this sector. Information services, which are central to the monitoring of how the competitiveness of the different branches as well as of the industry as a whole develops, will also be concentrated into this sector.


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Timo Jaatinen, Director General, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6600