Finnish Forest Industries Federation and The Union of Salaried Employees negotiate agreement

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The Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) and the Union of Salaried Employees TU today reached an agreement in the collective labour negotiations concerning salaried employees in the Finnish pulp and paper industries. The negotiated contract for 2005-2008 was based on the settlement proposal made by the National Conciliator on June 1, 2005, for the labour dispute affecting paper workers. If accepted, the salary increase aspect of the agreement will take effect starting from the beginning of July 2005. 

The salaries of white-collar workers will increase by a total of more than 6% over three years which is in line with the National Conciliator’s settlement proposal for paper workers. Salaries paid for work during Christmas and midsummer will be three times the normal rate and the annual work time will be shortened by 11 hours, as stated in the settlement proposal. 

Solutions for some provisions of the collective labour agreement, which have had the effect of hampering productivity increases in individual cases, were also reached during the negotiations. A decision was made to establish a working group to examine questions related to the salary levels paid for day work and shift work as salaried employees are reassigned to new tasks.

The collective labour agreement with the Union of Salaried Employees affects some 5,500 supervisors and office employees working at pulp and paper mills.

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Arto Tähtinen, Director, Labour Market Policy, Finnish Forest Industries Federation., tel. +358 9 132 4442,