Drafting of wood products cluster research strategy completed – regeneration conditions to be strengthened through joint research

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The joint research strategy will be used by industry companies, research organisations, universities and other institutions of higher learning as well as public funders of research to steer and strengthen the research efforts and expertise of Finnish actors.

The seven focal areas of the wood products cluster’s strategy are:

1. New products and services
2. Production technologies of the future
3. Wood construction and the energy-efficiency of construction
4. Studies that support standardisation
5. The environmental performance of wood
6. The possibilities of bioenergy and bio-based chemicals
7. Business innovations and regeneration  

"It is important from the perspective of the entire wood products cluster that visible results are achieved quickly, even though we are also aiming to promote competitiveness over the long term,” President Anne Brunila says.

"Those who are able to change and regenerate rapidly, adopting the new operating practices and business models that are made possible by new technology, will achieve the best success.”

Wood products and associated services that serve the needs of customers and consumers offer never-before-seen opportunities for the Finnish wood products cluster. From the point of view of the environment and the climate, wood products enjoy superior competitive advantages over many products and materials that consume non-renewable natural resources. Energy-efficiency must be improved and utilisation of renewable energy increased as the price of energy rises. The wood products industry is almost self-sufficient with regard to energy – increasing reliance on renewable energy will therefore create new business opportunities for it.

"The intention is to initiate significant research projects in the focal areas of the research strategy as quickly as possible and to establish a company to steer and plan joint research efforts. This company will be owned by the industry’s most important corporations," says Senior Vice President Antro Säilä.

Additional information:

Antro Säilä, Senior Vice President, Business Environment and Innovation, tel. +358 9 132 6633

Markku Lehtonen, Coordinator, Research and Development, Business Environment and Innovation, tel. +358 9 132 6628