Broad cooperation to promote European research in the Forest-Based Sector

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Europe’s forest industries have joined forces in the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform, whose purpose is to improve the sector’s competitiveness on global markets and create the proper conditions for the sector’s development and renewal. The Technology Platform is based on a vision for 2030 according to which the European forest-based sector is a technology leader that plays a key role in promoting sustainability and fostering the extended use of renewable forest resources.

To achieve this vision the European forest-based sector has been preparing a Strategic Research Agenda. This defines key themes on which European research and development should focus.

"This is the biggest project in the history of R&D in the European forest-based sector," says Mr Timo Poranen, the president of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. "Thousands of experts from the forest industries, research institutes, universities and other organizations in different European countries have taken part in preparing the Strategic Research Agenda during the past year."

The forest-based sector is in an excellent position to become a strategically important branch for Europe. Wood is already an important raw material from for example a climate and energy policy perspective. Products are made from a renewable raw material and can be recycled and in the end used to produce bioenergy.

The strength of R&D in the Finnish forest-based sector is the entire forest cluster’s expertise, technology and quality. "We have modern plants and high-standard technology, efficient infrastructure, a first-class training system, quality products and close cooperation with different actors in the value chain," says Mr Poranen. "Bringing together European research forces will improve the sector’s ability to succeed also in the future."

For more information, please contact:

Kari Luukko, Research Manager, Finnish Forest Industries Federation
Secretary of the Technology Platform
tel. +358 9 132 6622,

European Technology Platforms are a new form of cooperation that the Commission has proposed to industry in order to strengthen European competitiveness according to the Lisbon Strategy.

The Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform has defined a vision for 2030 according to which the European forest-based sector plays a key role in a sustainable society. It comprises a competitive, knowledge-based industry that fosters the extended use of renewable forest resources.