Brisk timber sales continue in September

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Timber purchases from private forests during the entire January-September period amounted to 22.1 million cubic metres. This is more than four times the amount procured during the corresponding period of 2009. January-September purchases of pulpwood came to 11.6m cubic metres and log purchases to 9.7m cubic metres.

”Timber sales have been lively after the summer because temporary tax benefits remain in force up to the end of the year. It is very important that timber sales continue steadily also in the future, and this should be ensured with suitable measures,” says Anders Portin, who is in charge of the Forests and Environment division of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Stumpage prices bounce back to pre-storm levels

Stumpage prices increased somewhat from August. Softwood log prices were up 4-5%. Pine logs cost €56 per cubic metre on average, while spruce logs fetched €57 per cubic metre.

Birch log prices rose 2% to an average of €40 per cubic metre.

Pulpwood prices increased 2-5%. The average price of pine and birch pulpwood was €16 per cubic metre. Spruce pulpwood was priced at €19 per cubic metre on average.

Growing forest industry production volumes in Finland have boosted demand for wood. All timber grades – logs, pulpwood and energy wood – are now in demand.

Stumpage price statistics, broken down according to felling type, to be published from November onwards

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation will start publishing a stumpage price statistic broken down according to felling type – final cutting, first thinning or other thinning – on a monthly basis from November onwards. The figures for October will be published in the first half of November.

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