August timber sales livelier than usual

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The aggregate January-August volume of purchases was 14.8 million cubic metres, 12% less than in the corresponding period of 2010. January-August pulpwood purchases came to 8.2 million cubic metres and sawlog purchases to 6 million cubic metres.

Stumpage prices largely unchanged

Stumpage prices fell slightly from July, with sawlog prices down one percent. The average stumpage price of pine sawlogs was €57 per cubic metre, while spruce sawlogs fetched €59 and birch sawlogs €43 per cubic metre on average.

The price of pine pulpwood remained unchanged at €17 per cubic metre, while the price of birch pulpwood rose 3% to €16 per cubic metre. The price of spruce pulpwood was down one percent and it fetched €20 per cubic metre on average.

Strong demand for timber continues

Domestic wood is in good demand, with all timber grades, including energy wood, being sought by buyers. The operating prerequisites of the forest industry depend on the steady availability of processable timber. 

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