The world’s leading forest cluster 2030 – slides

The Finnish forest cluster research strategy outlines the focal points of research that are crucial to the forest cluster and its client sectors. The target is to double the value of forest cluster products and services from the 2006 levels by 2030.

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Responsibility at the heart of developing the bio-economy

Finnish forest industry improves constantly its environmental and responsibility efforts throughout the value chain. The industry released its environment and responsibility issues in February 12th, 2013.

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Handbook of Finnish plywood

Handbook of Finnish plywood tells about versatile use of plywood

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The forest industry and energy

The publication tells about the energy issues in Finnish forest industry. The forest industry is by far Finland’s largest producer of renewable energy.

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The forest industry and innovation

The Finnish forest industry is known the world over for its development of innovative processes and products as well as solutions tackling the challenges of sustainable development.

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Tackle Climat Change: Use wood

The purpose of this book is to set out the environmental arguments for using wood as one way of reducing Climate Change, at the same time as putting the industry’s economic contribution in context.

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European Declaration on Paper Recycling 2011-2015

At the beginning of October 2011, the European Parliament published a declaration stating its intent to boost the effectiveness of paper and paperboard recycling in Europe during the period 2011-2015.

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