WoodWisdom-Net steers funding for the wood products industry

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The research themes of WoodWisdom-Net’s second call are:

  • Improving the performance of energy and resource efficient timber construction
  • Creating new business opportunities through innovative wood and fibre-based products and composites with properties optimised to the end use requirements and sustainable use of resources
  • Utilising forest-based feedstocks through sustainable forest-based chemicals and small scale biorefinery concepts and processes
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the forest-based value chain by strategic technology renewal, new business strategies and production systems
  • Optimising end-of-life of wood based products considering their total life cycle

"WoodWisdom-Net’s latest call for proposals corresponds nicely with the needs of the forest-based sector and it will steer €15 million to fund topical research projects. These projects will be international, although the funding for their realisation will be provided by national technology agencies such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes", says Research & Development Coordinator Markku Lehtonen of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.


"A more laborious alternative would be to seek funding directly from an EU Framework Programme. WoodWisdom-Net’s funding is earmarked exclusively for the forest industry, in addition to which the second call for proposals focuses on the same themes as the wood products industry’s research strategy. Industry companies will now find it easier to receive funding through WoodWisdom-Net," Lehtonen points out.


The first call for proposals of the WoodWisdom-Net programme was launched in 2006 and 17 international research projects focusing on issues related to timber, wood fibres and forests are now being funded as a result of this. The deadline for applications in the second call is 23 February 2010.


Wood products industry investing in joint research activities 


The wood products industry defined its research strategy with regard to joint research in 2008 and Finnish Wood Research Oy was established to coordinate these activities with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of industry companies and improving the effectiveness of their research and development efforts.


"The wood products industry must regenerate and create innovative new products and services.  The ecological and technological competitiveness of its products is good, but the industry’s joint research activities have been stagnant while industrial wood construction has fallen behind the development of other construction segments. Joint research enables the focusing of resources into breakthrough areas. The joint research organisation provides partner companies with a vantage point on, and the opportunity to wield influence over, the wood products sector’s top-level research," Finnish Wood Research Oy Managing Director Kimmo Järvinen says.



Further information:

Markku Lehtonen, Coordinator,
Research and Development, Finnish Forest Industries Federation,
tel. +358 40 510 9044, firstname.lastname@forestindustries.fi

Kimmo Järvinen, Managing Director,
Finnish Wood Research Oy, tel. +358 40 720 6311, firstname.lastname@fwr.fi