Wood in furniture and interior decoration – a choice that favours the environment as well

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The furniture and joinery industries of Finland have always been renowned for their strong expertise in the working and processing of wood. In recent years, the sector has been actively investing in new production technology, which has led to improvements in the quality of products and established a firmer foundation for the development of unique and competitive products.


Furniture manufacturing the largest segment of the joinery industry


The gross value of overall production in the Finnish joinery industry was about €3.5 billion in 2007. The furniture production accounted for 39 per cent (some €1.4 billion) of this, while the manufacture of other construction joinery products accounted for 34 per cent (around €1.2 billion) and wooden houses for 27 per cent (nearly a billion euro).


Wood products act as carbon sinks


Wood-based products are a climate-friendly alternative for interior decoration and construction because they act as carbon sinks for the entire duration of their use. At the end of their lifecycles, these products can be recycled or burned to generate energy. In this manner, wood products end their useful lives as a source of bioenergy, thus substituting for fossil fuels.

Wood buildings are as energy-efficient as, if not better than, houses that are made from other materials. Wood is a suitable material for low-energy and even zero-energy construction.


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