What does the future of the EU look like from the forest industry’s perspective?

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In Europe we are currently outlining the future outlook for the EU. The discussion includes formulating an understanding of what kind of EU will offer the best possible future for its citizens. This also lays the basis for the direction EU development will take.

Finland must define its own vision and the objectives that the EU countries can advance more effectively together. In this way, we participate in developing the EU and in building its future. We must be active. We must not react too late and only reject others’ suggestions.

The forest industry is taking part in the discussion and taking responsibility for the future. The forest industry’s vision is based on products manufactured from renewable, recyclable and sustainably-sourced natural resources. The EU and Finland must promote a future based on renewable raw materials.

The forest industry has always had a positive view regarding European integration as well as free trade and development of the EU’s internal market. Finnish forest industry companies operate in global competition and market success requires our operating environment to be internationally competitive. For its part, the EU must secure companies opportunities for success in Europe as well as internationally fair operating conditions and open markets. An operational and unified EU is a strong global player that can influence global developments.

Finland must be a goal-oriented solution-seeking promoter of co-operation and have a positive attitude towards integration. Britain’s exit from the EU will affect the Union’s future. As Finland loses one partner, it must work even harder with the other EU countries. This is especially true in terms of international trade and the EU’s internal market.

In September, the forest industry published its views on the future of the EU and Finland’s role in the EU. More information on this is available in the attachment.

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