Use of the forest products industry’s electronic messaging standard spreading rapidly

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The number of users of the forest products industry’s electronic transaction standard has increased by over 50% over the last three years. 31 companies are already using papiNet WoodX e-documents in their transactions with external clients. These e-documents are also widely used in company-internal messaging, but this use was not studied in the survey.


The most used papiNet WoodX e-documents are invoices and package specifications. E-document messages are primarily used in Finland and Sweden, but they are also in use in the UK, Holland, France and Germany.


Pressure from the markets


E-documents make the transfer of information between cooperation partners faster and simpler, increase the efficiency of operations and enable companies to save significant amounts of time and money.


Both customers and suppliers are now more ready to adopt electronic transaction documents. Many different organisations are, for example, already requiring their cooperation partners to invoice them electronically.


Standardised package contains key message types in an easy-to-use format


The papiNet WoodX package includes templates for key commerce and logistics e-documents for the forest products industry. The standard is based on XML technology, which makes its adoption feasible for smaller companies as well.


The papiNet WoodX electronic transaction standard has been developed in cooperation with the European forest products industry, with Finnish and Swedish companies being especially active in the project. Many different-sized wood and paper products companies as well as IT firms have participated in the development work and these companies have now been using the electronic messaging standard for several years already. The increasing number of users indicates that other companies have also begun to utilise this standard, however. Several Finnish IT firms offer their customers interchange services and programs that support the papiNet WoodX messaging standard.


PapiNet WoodX message templates and implementation instructions can be downloaded free of charge through the papiNet website PapiNet is a global organisation that maintains and develops the electronic information exchange standard for use by the entire delivery chain of the forest industry. The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is a member of the papiNet community and coordinates the development of the WoodX messaging standard together with Skogsindustrierna, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.


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