Updated Mission for Global Forest and Paper Industry – ICFPA focuses on innovation and sustainability

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The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) eighth biennial International CEO Roundtable took place in Berlin, Germany on the 18th of May.

More than 20 forest based industry CEOs and association leaders from around the world met to discuss industry innovation, sustainability aspects, current political aspects and future trends that may impact the industry at local and international levels. The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s Director General Timo Jaatinen was present at the event.

On its fifteenth anniversary, ICFPA reflects on its purpose with the release of a new statement for the future. The organization has also updated its mission. Read more about ICFPA’s mission here.

New ideas from ICFPA’s innovation competition

At the event, ICFPA also announced the winners of the Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation Award, a global award that aims to stimulate interest by young researchers carrying out projects in a wide range of activities relevant to forest-based science, products as well as process improvements or other innovation throughout the value chain. Read more about the winning projects here.