Russia postpones the increase of export duties on wood until 2010

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At the end of December 2008 Russian government published the decree No.  982 of December 24, 2008, which will postpone by 12 months the increase of wood export duties until the beginning of  2010, as informed by Prime Minister Putin in mid-November.


During 2009 the export duty level of round wood will stay on the present level. The export duty for softwood and birch with diameter over 15 cm is 25%  or 15 euro/m3 at least. The duty for aspen wood amounts to 10% or 5€/m3 at least. Zero duty is valid for birch with diameter less than 15 cm during the period of 2009-2010.


In addition, this decree will raise the export duties on some valuable hardwood species (oak, beech, ash, maple, cherry) to 100 euro/cubic metre. The export duty increase of these so called valuable species will enter into force within a month from the date of the official publishing of this decree.