RFID technology ready to be utilised

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With the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag, any product or surface can be marked, providing the small and light tag can be attached to it. With the help of the tag, the product can be individualised and its origin, age, production method and user instructions can be recorded.

These tags are used in, for example, libraries and book stores to help track books. They are also used in the travel cards of public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland.

Tags on medicine packets help safeguard the authenticity of the medicine. In magazines, the tag combines internet media and the traditional printed magazine.

RFID technology enhances product and information streams, improves services and eases the everyday life of people

The consumer benefits from safe products, as well as from smoothly working services when making a purchase or using public transportation.

With the help of RFID technology the consumer can be provided with easy access to different commercial and recreational services. There are also a lot of opportunities in health care and in improving the quality of life of senior citizens.

More information: Antro Säilä, Senior Vice President, Business Environment and Innovation