Paperboard is the most environmental friendly packaging material

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The renewable raw material it is made of also increases the environment-friendliness of paperboard packaging in the eyes of consumers. Only a small amount of fibre-based packaging products end up in mixed waste containers, which indicates that consumers have learned to recycle them.


Consumer habits with regard to the recycling of paper and paperboard packaging as well as their views on packaging were examined in a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus Ltd in November 2008.


According to the findings, the recycling of household paper and fibre-based packaging works very well in Finland and consumers are familiar with available recycling opportunities.


On average, only one percent of newspapers and two percent of magazines are thrown in the mixed waste bin. One-tenth of corrugated fibreboard and a slightly larger share of other fibreboard packaging are also binned with mixed waste.


93% of respondents said that recyclable packaging is environment-friendly, while 64% considered it important that packaging be made using renewable natural resources. For younger respondents, it was especially important that environment-friendly products don’t heat up the climate.


Taloustutkimus Ltd also asked consumers what kind of packaging they favoured when buying yoghurt. Almost two out of three preferred paperboard yoghurt containers. The material of a yoghurt container was of no significance to a quarter of respondents.


553 Finns aged between 15 and 79 responded to the survey. The data was weighted according to gender, age and place of residence to make it representative of the general population.


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