Paperboard and paper enjoy a superior environmental image

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These are the findings of a survey conducted by the Association of Packaging Technology and Research PTR that examined consumer attitudes and preferences on packaging as well as how these had developed over the last decade.

Consumers feel that paperboard is an extremely environment-friendly and safe material, in addition to which it is considered ordinary and inexpensive.
Like paperboard, paper is considered to be an environment-friendly, ordinary, safe and inexpensive material. Consumers feel that paper packaging is nowadays more frequently an indication of a high-quality, valuable product. This is the case with respect to, for example, bakery goods that are sold wrapped in paper bags.
The young and adults under 30 years of age consider paper and paperboard a more ordinary and less trendy material than other respondents. 
Information content of packaging important to consumers
In addition to the information content, consumers value the usability, openability and environment-friendliness of packaging.
Consumers value openability, environment-friendliness, inexpensiveness and informational content on the packaging of ready meals. The outward appearance of packaging was not considered as significant. Consumers value largely the same properties in the packaging of bakery products as well.
Paper, paperboard and wood suitable for many kinds of packaging
The advantages of paper and paperboard include cleanness, lightness and environment-friendliness. An environment-friendly package is made from renewable raw materials and it is recyclable. It can be used to generate bioenergy at the end of its lifecycle, leaving no permanent imprint on the environment.

Fibre and wood packaging represent sustainable development at its best.

More information: Päivi Luoma, Director, Communications, Finnish Forest Industries, tel. +358 9 132 6626