Paper and board are a clean choice for the summer table

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Good packaging and containers for serving and preparing summer foods are prepared from renewable raw materials and are recyclable and biodegradable.

Functional packaging brings the food safely and fresh to the table. Paper and board, for example juice cartons or kitchen paper, are also easy to use and hygienic. Food wastage and the environmental effects of paper products are small.

Using disposable plates and cups, kitchen paper and different cooking papers are an easy way to take care of cleanliness and hygiene also during summer. 

Clean products do not burden the environment

Packaging and cups and plates produced from board should be recycled as raw material for new products. 

Used packaging should be returned to the nearest collection points for used board. In addition to residence-specific collection points, board is also collected in over 1,800 local collection points in Finland.
In Finland, all paper, board and cardboard packaging should be taken to these collection points. Here are a few examples:

  • milk and juice cartons (also foliated containers)
  • other board cartons
  • paper bags (for example flour bags)
  • biscuit and cereal packets and other board packets containing dry products
  • pizza boxes
  • egg cartons, the board cylinders of kitchen and toilet paper rolls
  • corrugated board 

Flatten the cartons and pack them inside each other.  This way they will take up less space in the recycling bin. Yoghurt and milk cartons should be rinsed out and let dry before recycling.

Sometimes when spending time at the summer cottage it is more convenient to burn dirty packaging. For example, kitchen paper and dirty board decompose in the compost pile. However, the primary option is always recycling used products as the raw material of new products. 

In Finland, mail is collected for recycling as paper and fibre-based products from the store as board

Used paper and board are collected separately, because they are recycled into different products.

Newspapers and magazines, office papers, phone books, paperback books and coloured copying paper belong to paper recycling.

Two thirds of the total amount of packaging in Finland are manufactured from fibre and wood. In Finland, the recycling of fibre packaging is voluntarily better managed than what the legislation requires. For example new raw materials for packaging, newspaper and tissue are manufactured from recycled paper and board packaging.  

Wood and its fibres are a natural product. The climate benefits from increasing the utilisation of products, such as board packaging, manufactured from renewable material.

More information: Päivi Luoma, Director responsible for Converting and packaging industry, tel. +358 – 9 – 132 6626