Natural Resource Strategy for Finland – the future importance of renewable natural resources

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The National Resource Strategy emphasises the importance of natural resources in the future as global population numbers and worldwide consumption increase, creating pressures for the use and sufficiency of natural resources.

A country like Finland, which has an abundance of natural resources and a highly-skilled population, can benefit greatly from its natural wealth. Even though the National Natural Resource Strategy sets its sights on the future, Finland’s natural resources can be of great significance even earlier, for example by boosting recovery from the current downturn.

The National Natural Resource Strategy presents four strategic objectives:

1. A successful, high value-added bioeconomy is active in Finland

2. Finland uses and recycles materials flows effectively

3. Regional resources are harnessed to create national value-added and local prosperity

4. Finland is an enterprising pioneer on issues related to natural resources.

All of these objectives are relevant for the forest industry as well. The industry bases its operations on a renewable natural resource and has developed sophisticated logistics solutions and top-notch ecological and technological competence in relation to the use of this resource. Materials efficiency and recycling have also been developed powerfully over the last couple of decades.

The strategy emphasises the importance of research and development for Finland’s continued ability to pioneer fresh expertise in the use of natural resources.