Most soft tissue paper used in Finland is manufactured domestically

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The total value of the annual soft tissue market in Western Europe is around €10 billion, representing 23% of the global market for these products. Per capita consumption of soft tissue paper is around 20 kilos annually in the Nordic countries, but in many Eastern European nations annual consumption has still not reached the 10-kilo mark.
Strongest growth in emerging markets
The global market for soft tissues paper is forecast to grow by almost three percent annually. Growth is fastest in Eastern Europe, Russia in particular, and in Asia, where annual growth is expected to exceed five percent. Improving living standards, population growth and urbanisation are boosting demand for household and hygiene products in these areas. Rising living standards also prompt people to choose higher quality products.
Paper is a hygienic product
Paper is a clean and safe material for household and hygiene products. Recent studies have demonstrated its superiority in, for example, preventing the spread of influenzas. Europeans view hygiene as a primary concern and prefer to dry their hands with paper towels.
Primary and recycled fibre both used to make soft tissue paper
Soft tissue paper is made using both primary and recycled fibre. The raw material is chosen based on the availability of different fibres as well as with the desired properties of the end product in mind. Reliance on recycled materials alone would swiftly lead to an end to the production of paper, as it is not possible to recycle fibre indefinitely in papermaking. Wood fibre can be recycled 4 – 6 times to make various paper products. After this, the qualities of the fibre, its strength for example, weaken.
The manufacture of soft tissue paper is a significant utilisation objective for recycled fibre in Finland. If only primary fibre is used in manufacture, one cubic metre of wood will provide the raw material needed to make a year’s supply of soft tissue paper for ten Finns.

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