Forest industry to promote a low-carbon bioeconomy

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The Finnish Forest Industries Federation will contribute to this campaign by making a commitment to invest in
the realisation of the envisioned low-carbon future.

The pledge campaign of the Ministry and TEKES asks private, public and third sector organisations to make concrete promises on the role they will play and the actions they will undertake to achieve the target of a sustainable economy. In the initial phase of the campaign, pledges will be made by public actors that have a clearly-defined role and resourcing to create the operating prerequisites for the transition to a sustainable economy.

“We want to provide society with our expertise and solutions for the building of a low-carbon future,” says Director General Timo Jaatinen of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

The forest-based sector is a branch of industry with lots to offer for the establishment of sustainable economic activities and a low-carbon bioeconomy because its operations are based on manufacturing products out of recyclable and renewable raw materials, efficient utilisation of energy and resources as well as on economic, social and ecological sustainability.

“The forest-based sector promotes success factors that are of key significance to the bioeconomy. These include more and more diverse utilisation of wood, resource efficiency, increased wood construction and utilisation of fibre packaging, infrastructure development and the sustainable exploitation of forests. We are an active participant in decision-making and debate concerning the bioeconomy,” Jaatinen says.

“We ask the public sector to do its part by implementing decisions that improve our operating environment and competitiveness, as these would promote the forest-based sector’s ability to serve as a locomotive for the bioeconomy,” Jaatinen continues.

Further information:
Timo Jaatinen, Director General, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6601