Forest industry ready to increase production of renewable energy

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Production of renewable energy from biomass can be increased further up to 9 million cubic metres per year. The modern Finnish forest industry efficiently produces bioenergy from wood in conjunction with its own manufacturing processes. The sector will continue to invest in energy efficiency and new technologies by implementing the forest cluster’s common research strategy.

The main areas of focus in the strategy are technology that saves energy and other production resources as well as second-generation biorefineries, which in the future will be able to produce biofuels and help achieve the 10-per-cent reduction target for automotive fuels. The use of forest-derived energy can be increased even further by developing harvesting and transport technology.

The forest industry is already by far the biggest producer of renewable energy in Finland, accounting for nearly 70 per cent of the national total. About 40 per cent of the total volume of wood arriving at mills is channelled through various stages of the process into bioenergy production.

Additional information:

Ahti Fagerblom, Counsellor, Energy Policy, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. + 358 40 820 9763

Stefan Sundman, Director, Energy and Infrastructure, Finnish Forest Industries Federation,  tel. + 358 40 535 0501

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