Forest industry products among top Finnish exports

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According to foreign trade statistics released by Finnish Customs, forest industry products continue to occupy many top ranks among the most significant Finnish export goods in 2012 as well. Forest industry products hold places two, five, six and seven in the top ten table of export goods when measured in value; the aggregate value of these forest industry exports exceeds €7.8 billion.

2. Coated paper, paperboard and cardboard (€4.0b)
5. Uncoated paper, paperboard and cardboard (€1.4b)
6. Sawn timber (€1.2b)
7. Pulp (€1.2b)

As a factor in Finnish prosperity, the forest industry’s contribution exceeds the value of its exports because the forest-based sector uses a greater share of domestic production inputs than other branches of industry. Its most significant raw material, wood, is largely sourced domestically – the forest industry purchased up to €1.8 billion’s worth of Finnish timber in 2012.
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