Forest cluster publishes its views on innovation on the European level

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The publication event was hosted by MEP Eija-Riitta Korhola, who noted that the forest-based sector is, especially on the European level, of great significance to sustainable development and the management of climate change. The forest cluster also plays a key role in the Europe 2020 Strategy. The Innovation Union flagship initiative is an integral part of this strategy and aims to transform ideas into jobs, green growth and social improvement.
The forest cluster’s vision for Finland

The forest cluster of Finland aims to double the value of its products and services by the year 2030. Another objective is to continue the development of sustainable products and technology as well as to increase the value-added component and sustainable utilisation of domestic wood biomass. 
The forest cluster’s innovations and research focus on the development of new materials, services and business models. Growth and renewal spring from innovative people, companies and networks. An important perspective for development is also provided by the needs of customers and users, in addition to which the opportunity to create a sustainable bioeconomy is an important consideration.
European cooperation is of great significance to the forest cluster of Finland. Sharing competence brings the sector closer to its customers. Several research and development projects are ongoing on the EU level, and Finnish forest industry companies and research institutions are participating actively in them.